Body Treatments

Our soothing, stimulating, and curative body treatments give your body a boost, from head to toe and anywhere in between. Whether it’s mud, scrubs, wraps or any of our other modern therapies, we have the most effective body treatments to satisfy any need.

Moor Mud Wrap
Followed by a full body exfoliation, the 100% pure moor mud aids with wellness, purification, and can be used as part of anti-cellulite and weight loss programs.
 70 Minutes - $145.00

Sensorial Body Buff
The journey to smooth, soft skin begins with an invigorating sweet or salty exfoliation customized with your choice of scented oils.
 50 Minutes - $75.00

Ear Candling (Coning)
This ancient art of cleansing rids built-up wax and toxins from deep inside the inner ear, helping to alleviate the effects of chronic headaches, sinus conditions, ear infections, and allergies.
 25 Minutes - $35.00